Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is somewhat notorious for the aggressive implementation of its durability system. Many weapons have extremely low durability, and will break long before reaching a new bonfire. The aggressive approach to weapon durability effectively makes low durability weapons such as the washing pole and ice rapier borderline unusable.

During my time playing Dark Souls 2, the durability system eventually became too much of a nuisance, hence the creation of this mod.

ATTENTION: Using this mod may result in a ban! Being banned in Dark Souls 2 severely limits the number of players you will be able to connect with in the game.

What you need

To use this mod you will need the following:

  1. Cheat Engine
  2. A copy of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. The mod is not verified as working with non-SOTFS editions of the game.
  3. The cheat table

How to use

Start Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the first sin and Cheat Engine. Open the Dark Souls 2 process in Cheat Engine


Once the process has been opened, drag the NoDurabilityNoProblem.CT cheat table into the cheat engine window. This will add the script to the addresslist window. Ensure that the script is marked as active, and your weapon, armor, and rings will no longer take durability damage.